Adafruit | FT232H | USB to GPIO Interface

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 | Technology

This is one of my favorite pieces of electronic equipment that I own. Any device that allows me to interface with the real world - and natively to my Mac - is a piece of art. The GPIO interface connects via USB to the computer on one side; two 10-pin SIP connectors provide the power, ground, and I/O pins on the other.

The FT232-H supports many protocols. I don't get into this. I do, however, utilize the digital I/O pins for standard binary entry. This allows integration with simple switch circuits and advanced buttoned matrices ( or a parallel binary connection to any other circuit, i.e. a binary decoder ( 74HC595 ) ).

A Python API exposes all basic services of the chip and allows rapid integration into any programme environment that requires GPIO. This solution provides an affordable, expandable, I/O interface to all popular computing platforms, ultimately controlled via shell scripts and abstracted through a web interface. The design encourages opportunities for remote IOT installations or extending the digital GUI into a unique hands-on physical experience.



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