Audio Editing

Audio editing session in Pro Tools or Logic. Included: 1) edit the start time, stop time, and duration of any sound on the audio timeline 2) fade into or out of a clip (e.g. an S-fade out during applause after a performance), or between clips (e.g. crossfading between takes) 3) mix multiple sound sources/tracks, combine them at various volume levels.

Audio Mixing

Professional audio mixing on Pro Tools or Logic. Unlimited tracks. Featuring WAVES plug-ins. Over 20 years in the industry. Mixes delivered as a pre-mastered stereo audio file.

ISRC Encoding

We will embed ISRC codes into your uploaded audio files. Up to 15 files.

Price: $48.00

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Music Master Creation

Upload your audio files and we will do the rest. We will prepare a DDP ( Disc Description Protocol ) master with embedded ISRC ( International Standard Recording Code ) codes, and a cue sheet. Up to 15 tracks or one hour, whichever is greater.

Price: $135.00

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Music Mastering

Master your music to industry standard. Price based on 5 minute duration. Includes one round of revisions.

Music Mixing

Pro Tools. Mix one song to industry standard. Length pricing based on 5 minute sessions, 24 tracks or less. Includes one round of revisions.

Studio Management

Remote access and management of audio assets. Organize your projects, sessions, and mixes. Secure, 30 day access.

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