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Album: Metro
Artist: jnw9000
Label: DreamSTATE Records
Released: November 30, 2008

Song Artist Length Genre
Good Morning jnw9000 1:04
Maybe Tonight jnw9000 2:56
1000 Miles per hour in a Plastic Car jnw9000 2:56
Late Night jnw9000 3:06
Freedom jnw9000 3:11
Should Be Us jnw9000 3:14
My Robot Verse Your Robot jnw9000 3:15
So Here We Go jnw9000 3:19
Moon Boots jnw9000 3:23
Holla Ballad Back jnw9000 3:41
Clip Walker jnw9000 3:58
The London Synth Club jnw9000 4:07
Laurenzelio jnw9000 4:07
Total time: 42:17

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