DiverseCity 4

Ohio Music Compilation

Album: DiverseCity 4
Artist: Various Artists
Label: E19 Creative
Released: June 29, 2017

Song Artist Length Genre
Sonata 2 Call to the Spirit 1:59 Classical
Picture My Life Kudzanai Munodawafa 2:45 HipHop
What's Next Copali 3:51 World
Lost In Space Frontline Militia 2:12 Dance
Smokescreen Umojah Nation 5:28 Reggae
Weird Pop Jakob Ward 3:23 Indie
Breathe Eriq Troi 3:10 Soul
If You Believe in Forever The John Rader Project 2:31 Pop
Sunshine Stereovox 3:01 Rock
Gruven B.E. Mann 2:26 Reggae
She's Just a Little Bit in Love with You Freez-R-Burn 2:30 Rock
Rusty Souls Rusty Soul Band 3:31 Rock
Daddy Lost the Car Breaks Greg Milo 2:51 Alternative
Total time: 39:38

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E19 Creative

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