The Brown Liquor Band

Hometown: Cuyahoga Falls, OH


"The Brown Liquor Band" is an amalgamation of the unique talents of Madison Cummins, Taylor Carano, and Brant Novak. Somewhere between Blues, Folk, Country, Rock, and Pop is where we reside, but we like to call it "Brown Liquor Music". We play both originals and covers and have played all over northeastern Ohio as well as Columbus and Pittsburgh. Having all three of us come from different musical backgrounds and our own bands respectively, together we form a unique sound perfect for festivals, dive bars, dinner service, or a night at home. We pride ourselves in our originality in songwriting, but still love to see the audience reaction when they hear a popular song. Currently, we are planning our debut album to be released in 2019 and hope to expand our musical reach to a broader scale.


Taylor Carano


No music available.

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