Compilations Apply

DiverseCity 5

Ohio Music Compilation

DiverseCity 5 is a music compilation promoting artists from Ohio who are on the scene and to introduce emerging artists. The album will be available on iTunes and Apple Music.

Deadline: 10-31-2018
Inclusion Fee: FREE

College Radio Sampler

Indie, Rock, Hip-Hop

Our College Radio Sampler is distributed to 500 radio stations across the United States and Canada. Many stations still require manufactured CD's, we will be printing a limited run of 1,000.

Deadline: 10-31-2018
Inclusion Fee: $300.00

Talent Buyer Guide

Region: Ohio

Our Talent Buyer compilation is a handout for venues and event managers to have a tangible product in their hand. We will be printing 100 duplicated CD's with insert and jewel case.

Deadline: 10-31-2018
Inclusion Fee: $30.00

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