Astro Beats

Album: Astro Beats
Artist: Starlazer
Label: DreamSTATE Records
Released: May 15, 2010

Song Artist Length Genre
Starlazer Starlazer 1:30
Good Enough Starlazer 2:43
Robot Dreams Starlazer 3:42
Gold Synth Starlazer 2:26
Optic Starlazer 2:58
Romantics Starlazer 2:37
Want To Love You Boy Starlazer 2:35
Block Party Starlazer 2:34
Out of this World Starlazer 0:58
Italy Jam Starlazer 2:07
Heating Up My Heart Starlazer 2:50
Me Blue Starlazer 3:33
And There I Was Starlazer 2:28
If I Die Before I Awake Starlazer 2:48
Coda Starlazer 1:45
Total time: 37:34

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