How It Works

We offer an outstanding 15% referral payout on all sales.

Securing your referrals is simple and we will do what we can to help. There are multiple ways to secure your referrals:

  1. Distribute your referral code and have your customers enter it into the online booking form or they should have it ready when they book by telephone, email, or in person.
  2. Share your referral URL which will automatically insert your referral code into the booking form for online clients. All they need to do is click to our site from this link and you will be automatically added as their referral agent for online bookings.
  3. Embed a custom referral advertisement in your site or emails

Referral payouts are monthly and will be sent to your PayPal account on any and all completed sessions which contain your exclusive referral code.

There is no limit to how much money you can make each month with our referral program.



No referral will be paid on existing clients who did not have a referral code originally. You must be the exclusive origination of any new client to be paid a referral.

All referrals must be submitted PRIOR to booking. Sorry, NO exceptions ever.

Only bookings which are paid in full, will any referral payout be given.

E19 Creative reserves the right to verify any and all referrals at any time.

We will not withhold or apply any fees to your referral percentage for any reason, however, you are subject to current PayPal rates at the time of payout.

With our referral program you will be acting as an independent contractor only (not as an employee) therefore you may start or stop at any time that you want to make money.

E19 Creative

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