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Akron, Ohio USA

Starlazer is a pop-sensational duo from Akron, Ohio USA. The sound is comprised of 2 major elements: music producer Jakob Ward and voice talent Carrie Burchett.

Jakob Ward: Programming, Guitars, Synthesizers, Vocals, Songwriter
Carrie Burchett: Vocals, Songwriter
Laddie Fair Jr: Songwriter


Akron, Ohio USA

20GOTO10 creates emotional, intelligent music using analog synthesizers, driving bass and lush female vocals. Their melodic, hook-infused songs are quickly making them a mainstay in the electronic music scene.

Six years ago, two northeast Ohioans named Matt Sturgeon and Bill Manke quit the alternative rock band they were in, with a singular goal for their next project: to make interesting pop music -- pop music that maintains a sense of mystery and coolness. With the addition of Sara Eugene in 2003 and a rechristening of the band as 20GOTO10, they have delivered in-full. Sturgeon's beats and melodies, Manke's stylized synth sounds, and Eugene's full, warm vocals combine to produce the smeared lipstick delivery of pop perfection.

With their use of analog synthesizers, a Vocoder, a Theremin, and Eugene's voice, 20GOTO10 have a natural feel that mixes '80s new wave progenitors like Yazoo, Propaganda, Xymox, and the Other Two with a new millennial aesthetic. As the band released their EP, 8-Bit Demos, in 2004, they built a steady regional concert club following through their pop sensibilities and dynamic live performances. The next year marked the release of their first full-length studio effort, Tears from the Electric Eye.

Taking a more conceptual approach to the album format, in May 2006, 20goto10 released Elizabeth, Haunted by Ghosts. In contrast to the futuristic, dystopian themes of Tears, Elizabeth draws inspiration from the art and history of the 16th century. Using a more minimalistic approach, 20goto10 has created a beautiful, mysterious album with a measured pace and plenty of sonic white space.

Sara Eugene: Vocals
William Manke: Synthesizers
Matthew Sturgeon: Synthesizer
Corey Jenkins: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Synthesizer

Jakob Ward

Akron, Ohio USA

As a Performing Artist

Jakob Ward has performed at the Tower City Amphitheater with The Corrs and Sophie B. Hawkins, The Odeon with Localpalooza, The Hard Rock Cafe (Atlanta), The Alley Cat (Atlanta), John Carroll University, as well as showcased for Epic, Mercury, and Atlantic Records. Jakob has distributed over 7,000 cds, including 6,300 copies of his single Maybe Tonight, which has received consecutive airplay since release in 2004.

As an Industry Professional

Have engineered Dru Hill (Sisqos Group), The L.A. Guns, Tim The Ripper Owens, Over The Rhine, Connor O'Brien, Billy Morris (Warrant), The Brian Lisik Band, The Fierce Invalids, 10 cent lovers, The KSU Jazz Ensemble, Half Mile Home (formerly After The Rain), The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, Vicious World Records, The Speedbumps, 20goto10, 91.3 The Summit, Tin Huey, Stereovox, Amy Staats, Roxxymoron, and many more (over 70 active clients).

Jakob and his work have appeared in countless printed and online newspapers and magazines (the Free Times, The Beacon Journal, Scene Magazine, Ohio Online Magazine, Northern Ohio Live, Akron Life and Leisure, The Record Courier, The West Side Leader, Epitome, Region Rock, and others). His work has been featured on The History Channel, The Discovery Channel and B.E.T.. Over 50 songs on radio and TV stations - including Alternative, Gospel, RnB, Rap, Rock, Folk, and Punk.

Endorsements by S.I.T. Strings and Audio Technica.
Thanks: Chris Niekamp @ Bernlohr and Wertz


  • The History Channel
  • The Discovery Channel
  • B.E.T.
  • Cascade Lock Parks - Howard Street Jazz
  • The Rubber Buzz. Akron Unleashed (2006)
  • West Side Leader. Nantucket Nights Downtown Akron (2006)
  • Cleveland Scene. Arts and Entertainment (2004)


Various Artists

The Kickliner

London, UK

Joe Doris: Vocals, Guitars

Vince Tyree

Akron, Ohio USA


Akron, Ohio USA

Edgy electronic music that weaves warm bass and synth tones with dance grooves and progressive lyrics with both singing and some rap.

The Foam

Akron, Ohio USA

Nicholas Berken: Guitar, Vocals
Brian Joseph: Bass Guitar
Samantha Overmeyer: Percussion

Laddie Fair Jr

Akron, Ohio USA

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